Thursday, 14 July 2016

True Intimacy

I know so little about who you are outside. But the things you share, the inside, fills me. I used sex as my drug of choice. It allowed me to get the high and avoid real intimacy. Hot, wet, hedonistic sex with no thought. I went from plate to plate, tasting, gorging, drowning myself out. I didn't know anything else. Till now. The desire you stir in me is a torch to kindling. Quietly snaking through my mind and body. A tendril of passion that makes me happy. My skin sings when you stroke the small of my back, absent mindedly, as you talk. I get butterflies, weird after all this time. The sight of you pulling out your belt, unbuttoning your trousers captivates me. You read my body so well. Making me cum, sometimes gush. You make no judgements on whatever and it leaves me free to let go. I feel like liquid when we are skin to skin. Do I do the same to you? You sate me.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Sounds of desire

Quite simply, you create desires in me, for you. The sound my phone makes when you text sets me off. The sound of your voice adds another layer. The sound of your laugh. The sound of you knocking on my door. The sound of your shoes scraping against your socks, then the thud as they drop to the floor. The heavy sound of my heart, thumping, thumping, t h u m p I n g... The sound of your belt as you drag it through the loops and the jangley hiss as the buckle is freed. Every other sound fades. My focus is on you, us, as you strip. You sound so robust. Solid, certain. The scent of you warms from the outside air. Spiralling Down to the smell of your skin. Arousing me, exciting me. It makes me wet. The slither as your pants are eased over your hips merges with the fragrance of your cock. Sound/scent mingle with the sight of you disrobing. I reach out to touch, stroking your skin, breathing you in. Eating you with my eyes, I stick out my tongue and taste.. Oh my... Sound/scent/sight/touch/taste makes my head whirl with desire for you. So good, so very hot, you fill me up

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


it's taken a while. I wasn't sure it was a "thing" but it works. For me. Oh boy does it. when I was maybe 5 I was putting marbles in my knickers. I loved the cold. they jiggled as I moved around it was nice. I wanted more mum caught me playing doctors and nurses with julie. all kids do that, right? I saw porn at 8 in the local woods. It was ubiquitous. I progressed to walking to school with my knickers skew whiff. the repertoire was growing Let's move past the lovers, sex toys, fetish clubs and salons to now I can loop my orgasms I can recall every flutter spasm and squirt. I can do it anywhere without touching anything it's magic

your teeny weenies

have always been white, a hint of innocence hiding the dirty boy No matter the gap between its a blink of the eye. I watch you shuck your jumper then T shirt (white) your hard lean body appears in slow motion. There's no hurry Next go the jeans you pop each button before pulling them down over your hips. black today, teeny weenies, not teeny or weeny however do you fit? Suddenly I need to feel your skin, taste your cock, let go Your mouth crushes down on mine. you gather my hair in your fist and bite my breasts. Its hard to breathe or think. You take a gulp of water and kiss me, forcing the water into my mouth. I laugh as it dribbles down my neck. Breathe, that's it in and out. I can't seem to get a grip We are a mass of limbs and sweat. You look at me as you lick your fingers. One two then four pushing twisting and rocking them inside my pussy. I cum, hard. you slap your fingers against my cunt. cum flies off your hand and sprays the mirror. The noise is well, rude I keep cumming, gushing over everything trying to reach your cock before I implode. It's a beautiful thing. Lusty luscious lickable. Fingers filling my arse, oh god it feels nasty, hot. fuck I'm cumming again where does it all come from? Then the mad dash to find clothes we pause......

Thursday, 28 November 2013


My lover took me to see the shunga exhibition at the british library> It was a delicious show made all the funnier by watching the pervs hide their burdgeoning hardons under the wooden shelves that ran round the room. He'd booked us into a central hotel and the frisson of excitment lay around like a winter coat. We lasted all of five minutes when we got in,shedding clothes across the floor, t u m b l i n g into bed, fucking HARD and FAST. My pussy already lubbed with the erotica squeelching as it was pounded. You alternating your cock with your fingers (cock, fingers, cock, fingers) till I thought I would pass out. Cumming over and over again tioll you stiffened and melted inside and all was quiet

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

sooooo erotic

having you rub the head of your cock over my nipple you watch so intently as i play with myself getting wetter by the second my nipples hardening as your pre cum wets them

Wednesday, 12 June 2013